Durian Mooncake

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Many Things You Must Know About Durian Mooncake When Getting One

Besides the snowskin mooncake, among the types of mooncakes popularly favoured by local Singaporeans is the durian mooncake. It is a pleasure delicacy for social gathering during the mooncake festival because eaters really enjoy the durian filling that comes inside the mooncake. Think about Mao Shan Wang durian flavour that fancies many durian loving fans.

Durian Mooncake Recipe

You can create durian mooncakes at home by one self. The ingredients used in the process typically involve 25g sweet glutinous rice flour, 115g snowskin flour, 400g durian pulp, 15g gelatin powder, 25g powdered sugar and 150g water.

Professional durian mooncake bakers usually utilise the above recipes to craft the finished products for use in dining.

Types of Durian Mooncakes

The most common durian mooncake which anybody cannot dispute for popularity is the Mao Shan Wang. Sweet unique flesh of durian that now can be found in mooncakes every mid-autumn festival season.

Another common type of durian mooncake is he D24. D24 type derives from the Geylang D24 durian sellers that have thronged the night streets for years. The alternative is the D13.

Singapore has many eateries selling great durian mooncakes to the public each season. Read more about where the best durian mooncakes are in Singapore.

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