TraceTogether vending machines for replacement tokens rolled out at NEX and Sun Plaza

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SINGAPORE: Vending machines that dispense replacementTraceTogether tokens will be deployed at more than 100 community clubs and selected malls across Singaporein the coming months.

The first two machines were rolled outat shopping malls NEX and Sun Plaza on Monday (Jul 26), said the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG).

These TraceTogether tokens are used for contact tracing purposes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the public can now replace their old or faulty tokens atthese machines, which store 1,400 new tokens each.

However, they are notfor users who arecollectingtheir TraceTogether tokens for the first time.

To collect their replacementtokens, members of the public will need to bring their identity cardand their old token.

After scanning the QR code on their old token, they can retrieve their new device and drop off the old one in a marked slot.

They canalso check if the replacementtoken works by tapping on the SafeEntry Gateway box fitted at the side of the vending machine, which will show a green light and sound a beep if it is working.

SNDGG and Temasek Foundation collaborated to retrofit mask vending machines for the dispensing of replacement TraceTogether tokens.

Token replacement is currently being carried out at 108 community centres (CCs) and more than 40 shopping malls.

We were just thinking, how else can we add to the convenience of the public because these CCs and malls, they operate within certain hours, said Ms Huang Weixian, who is director of adoption and engagement at the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office.

So we thought a vending machine could be a cool way for them, once they know their token is not working, they can immediately just hop over to the vending machine and get their tokens replaced.

But only tokens that are collected or replacedmore than four months ago can be replaced using the vending machine.

For newer tokens thatare faulty or running out of battery, members of the public can still visit token replacement points at any community centres or selected malls.

Individuals can also help their family members replace their tokens.

Although you can collect the token for your family members, you have to bring along your IDs, so there’s that authentication process. So the ID has to match the QR code on the token, you have to scan both before you can collect, said Ms Huang.

You can actually see there are CCTV cameras installed, so that is also a deterrence for people who want to collect more tokens than they should.”

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