Snowskin Mooncake

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Many Things You Must Know About Snowskin Mooncake When Getting One

The mooncake festival is round the corner and many Singaporeans are busily shopping for mooncakes to socialise with family members and friends. One popular mooncake type is the snowskin mooncake. And even snowskin mooncake itself comes with many kinds, such as mango, resep snow skin, healthy and many others. We share with you the recipes and various kinds of snowskin mooncakes.

Recipes of Snowskin Mooncake

Here are the ingredients and the methodologies which are used to create snowskin mooncakes. They are the 130ml water, 250g glutinous rice flour, 180g lotus paste, 30g shortening, mooncake mould and some food colouring.

Types of Snowskin Mooncakes

There are many different types of snowskin mooncakes – mango, resep snowskin and healthy ones.

Recommended eateries

You can get the best snowskin mooncakes in Singapore in these places.

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