Halal Mooncake Singapore 2020 Ultimate Guide

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The time of the year to indulge in delicious mooncakes is upon us again, with the mid-autumn festival just weeks away. 

This year, the date of the mooncake festival – being the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar – falls on 1st October 2020.

In the absence of the usual bazaars and booths showcasing an eye-popping variety of mooncakes in all their forms and glories, most mooncake sellers have been peddling their wares online through various channels such as online marketplaces, social media networks as well as their own branded websites. 

In recent years, the love of mooncakes has been increasingly felt among the Muslim community. As such, a growing number of mooncake brands are coming out with more and more varieties of halal mooncakes with each passing year, and in 2020 this is no different. 

To help get you up to speed with the latest available halal mooncake promotions and offers, this webpage will serve as your guide and be regularly updated with 2020’s most encompassing selection of halal mooncakes, ranging from the widely popular Mao Shan Wang / Musang King durian mooncakes, all-time favourite snow skin mooncakes, to the traditional baked skin ones, as well as all the innovative new flavours that are launched into the market.  

Here is the list of brands to get your halal mooncakes from in 2020.

Bread Garden

Image Source: Bread Garden

Bread Garden is one of the most popular and known halal bakeries in Singapore and naturally boasts a full range of halal mooncakes. In fact, its entire mooncake collection is good for halal consumption. 

Signature mooncake choices include the Mao Shan Wang (MSW) Durian Mooncake, Coco Lava snowskin and Yuzu Mango snowskin mooncakes. 

Another cool thing is the packaging design. The mooncakes are kept in gold shiny, metallic cases that can double up as storage boxes to keep your little trinkets and accessories. 

Prices: From $9.50 per piece; $64 per box set. Enjoy 15% off all mooncakes when you buy $100 or more. Additionally, delivery is free when you buy over $150. Promotion is available from now till 31st August 2020.

Dates: Available from now till 1st October 2020

To order your mooncakes, visit the website here.


Image Source: ASPN Cafe Facebook

To make corporate social responsibility a serious matter dream come true in Singapore, ASPN Cafe is set up for this purpose. It is not just meant for the hungry eaters; it is also a way to help the more disadvantaged by giving them sources of income in pursuit of their skill sets.

Buying halal mooncakes would not just be meant for your own taste buds to satisfy, it would also mean helping people with mild intellectual disabilities with their livelihoods one step further. At ASPN Cafe, they offer Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk mooncake, Matcha with Toasted Macadamia Nuts mooncake, Dark Chocolate Skin with Coffee Lotus Paste & Toasted Hazelnut mooncake and Salted Black Sesame Lotus with Black Sesame Seed mooncake.

Prices: $58.80 nett for 8 mini mooncakes gift set (2 per flavour)

Dates: available from now till 14th September 2020

To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here

Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Image Source: Fullerton Hotel

2020 is the time when Fullerton Hotel Singapore comes up with good looking elegant boxes. The Jade Signatures Mooncake Collection has pink and turquoise boxes . Local flavours also rule this hotel with Yuan Yang (Kopi with Milk Tea) and Passion Fruit with Chin Chow mooncakes.

The new flavour introduced this year is the special Clifford Pier Mooncake tingkat that comes with Baked Salted Lotus with Hae Bee Hiam and Baked Pandan Coconut with Chendol mooncakes. All mooncakes offered here are halal-certified.

Prices: From $70 for a box of 4 pcs; 15% early discount for selected snow skin mooncakes; 20% early discount for selected baked mooncakes (until 6th September 2020)

Dates: Available from now till 1st October 2020

To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here

Four Seasons Durian

Image Source: Four Seasons

Malays in Singapore also love durians. After all, durian is a Malay fruit. In Four Seasons Durian, ice cream and pancakes made of the durian flavours typically rule the confectionery. Mao Shan Wang and D24 flavours are very well-received here.

The D24 and Mao Shan Wang mooncakes are made of 100% pure durian. They come in mini sizes. Muslim eaters would rejoice in delight on these mooncakes certainly.

Prices: From $69 for a box of 4; Buy 3 tins and get 1 free tin

Dates: Available from now till 1st October 2020

To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here


Image Source: Delcie’s

Delcie’s offers very healthy mooncakes. It is known for being low in GI as a plant-based and is cholesterol-free and fat-free. And the best part is that their mooncakes are still sweet and delicious despite being made without sugar or gluten.

The Gluten-Free Mao Shan Wang Durian mooncake is a must-try. It is made with 100% Mao Shan Wang puree with soft snow skin. Other good flavours include the Cane Sugar Free Pandan Paste with Salted Mung Bean and Cane Sugar Free White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame mooncakes.

Prices: $58 to $68 for a box of 2 pcs; $58 to $108 for a box of 4 pcs; 20% early bird pre-discount until 20th August 2020.

Dates: Collection from 1st to 26th September 2020

To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here

Heiraz Bakery

Image Source: Heiraz Bakery

Heiraz Bakery is the bakery you need if you want a hands-on mooncake workshop to test your skills. They have low sugar mooncake options with unique flavours on the table too.

Some yummy flavours that come out of this bakery are Santan Gula Melaka Traditional Baked and Thai Milk Snowskin mooncakes. They have tantalised mooncake eaters for years.

To order your mooncakes, please WhatsApp 84245779 to pre-order

1A Crispy Puffs Zhen Wei Mooncakes

Image Source: ZhenWei Mooncake on Facebook

Teochew yam mooncakes are the main sellers of this stall. They are known as ZhenWei mooncakes, filled with thick and sweet yam paste inside a flaky and crispy golden spiral shell.

Various flavours of the ZhenWei mooncake include Single Yolk Yam, Sesame Yam and Pumpkin Yam.

Prices: $27 to $33 per box for 2 pcs; $45 to $60 for 4 pcs

Dates: From 1st September 2020 to 1st October 2020 for Lavender Floral Box

To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here

Pan Pacific Singapore

Image Source: hai tien lo pan pacific singapore mooncakes 2020

You have it at another hotel in Singapore for 3 flavours – the best selling Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin, Hazelnut Yuzu and the baked Signature White Lotus Paste with Double and Single Yolk. They are all halal-certified but must be made upon request.

This is unique as you dine in to have the mooncakes.

Prices: $236 for 2 persons for Six-Course Mid-Autumn Topaz Set Menu

Dates: From 17th September 2020 to 1st October 2020

To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here

Eatzi Gourmet Bakery

Image Source: Eatzi Gourmet Bakery

Eatzi tops in traditional handcrafted baked mooncakes. Their simplicity helps get people interested in mooncakes. Flavours that rule are White Lotus Paste and Single Yolk, White Lotus Paste and Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste and Double Yolk mooncakes.

Prices: From $11 to $12 per pc; From $21.50 to $23.50 per box for 2 pcs; From $41.50 to $45.80 per box for 4 pcs. Up to 20% early bird discount from now till 16th September 2020.

Dates: Available from now till 1st October 2020

To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here

Swiss Cottage Bakery

Image Source: Swiss Cottage Bakery

There is a variety of traditional and modern flavours of mooncakes in this bakery. Their baked mooncakes are low in sugar. There are White Lotus Single Yolk or Pandan Lotus Single Yolk mooncakes. This year, there is the Brown Sugar Tea Au Lait mooncake that contains brown sugar lava centre complete with tapioca pearls.

Prices: $12.90 to $14.90 per pc


To order your mooncakes, please visit the website here.

Found any halal mooncake brand or flavour to your liking? Or do you have your own favorites that are not on this list? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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Till next time, here’s wishing all a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival!

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