The Bone and Joint CentreDr Kevin Koo is a fellowship-trained Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and previous Director of Foot and Ankle Service at the Singapore General Hospital with more than 15 years of experience.His practice interests include foot and ankle surgery, joint replacements, sports and minimally invasive surgery. He has presented extensively at international, regional as
Dr Annabelle LeongDr Annabelle Leong is a consultant Ear Nose Throat specialist seeing children and adult patients at The ENT Clinic. As an ENT Specialist in Singapore whotrained for many years in London and Toronto, she takes excellentcare of her patients with ear, nose, throat, sleep, snoring and sinus issues. She sees patients at Gleneagles
Innate Healing SolutionsOur mission is to provide chiropractic treatment and education to people living in Singapore, so they can approach their optimal health potential using a drugfree alternative. Our chiropractor, Dr Ting,believes it is important to educate his patients on the importance of the nervous system and ensure they understand their condition. He aims to
Asia RetinaAsia Retina Eye Surgery Centre was established to provide comprehensive eye care to our patients, with an emphasis on retinal care. At Asia Retina, modern techniques and instruments are used to help our patients improve their eye vision and health. We have a mission to spread awareness of the simple and proactive steps everyone
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient China medical practice that has been around for more than 3500 years. While Western medicine focuses on treating the root cause of diseases, TCM focuses on improving your overall well-being. TCM is commonly seekd by patients suffering from insomnia, fertility concern, stress issues, digestive issues, muscle pain and
On the off chance that youve seen some minor agonies in your feet the previous few weeks, you should promptly talk with the best podiatrist in Singapore or consult on podiatry clinic today. They are clinical experts who treat feet infirmities, so theyll be able to help you address your concerns.Looking for the most dependable
Tooth pain is usually described as one of the worst pain one can experience. Ignoring tooth aches can lead to serious consequences in the future. Going to the dentist can be terrifying especially when you have had a negative experience previously. And. you are probably concerned about the price and quality of dental clinics in