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Food is an important part of Singaporean culture. Peranakan cuisine exemplifies the country’s rich history and diversity. It is derived from Peranakans, the descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled across Southeast Asia. It is also known as Nyonya cuisine. Over time, the cuisine has evolved into a beautiful fusion food that combines the best parts of not only Chinese and Malay cuisine, but also Javanese and other cuisines.

When it comes to summer snacks, many Singaporeans prefer ice cream. They truly are the best way to beat the oppressive heat! Fortunately, Singaporeans can enjoy a wide variety of ice cream flavours available at the many different parlous located throughout the island. But which ice cream delivery service in Singapore is the best? Here is our list of the best ice cream delivery in Singapore, which you should definitely try!

Many people have always preferred Chinese cuisine. Who could blame them, really? First and foremost, it is due to the aromatic flavour, wonderful textures, and amazing colour, not to mention the rich history of Chinese food. Second, Chinese food distinguishes itself with its wild and exotic flavour, which is an entirely different take on the known delicate taste of European flavour. Let us be honest: who does not crave classic Chinese stir-fried rice or the perfect dumplings on any given night? With all of this said, it is no surprise that Singaporeans are obsessed with getting their Chinese food fix. Nowadays, there is a glut of Chinese restaurants in town, all claiming to be the best. We are here to help you figure out which Chinese restaurant is truly the best. Allow us to introduce you to the best of Singapore – a list of the Best Chinese Restaurants here in Singapore.

Even if we are not looking for new furniture or home items, many of us visit Ikea. Instead, we go to Ikea for the cafeteria, which has cheap, affordable, and tasty food options for everyone. While most of us are familiar with Ikea’s ever-popular meatballs, few are aware that the company also provides a variety of other food options!

Being stranded at home can be aggravating at times. Or maybe you just want to surprise yourself at the end of the month. Subscription boxes, here we come! Subscription boxes are an excellent way to pamper yourself, and there are many to choose from. Do you enjoy shopping for clothes, snacks, or even wine? A subscription box is waiting for you.

Singaporeans eat fruits at all hours of the day and night. Some people enjoy a bowl of fruits for breakfast, others as an afternoon snack, and still others for dinner. While there are numerous fruit stalls located throughout the island, carrying larger and heavier fruits such as watermelons, jackfruits, and durians can be a burden and a hazard. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Singapore fruit delivery services.