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6 Best Tiramisu Cafes in Singapore Worth Queuing for

Looking for the best tiramisu Singapore has to offer to satisfy your craving for good addictive tiramisu full of the sweetness in the desserts? Then you’ve gotta check out the list of tiramisu cafes below.

The Tiramisu Hero

Credit: The Tiramisu Hero

With many tiramisu selections to make you returning for next, The Tiramisu Hero is a dessert cafe with its own cute masked mascot. There are the original classic flavours, such as the Chocolate or Kaya, all with dense creamy tiramisu that will overwhelm you down with their pungent flavours. Also, there are the good looking glass jars which you can snap and collect in your Instagram posts account.

Super Dario Lasagne

Do you love to have Italian authenticity in your food? This time in tiramisu? And what is even better is its affordability in its pricing at only $4.80. There is a sponge base of the tiramisu cake that is soaked in espresso with a richness in flavour. The little favourite part of the tiramisu is the mascarpone cheese that balances with liqueur and with top sprinkled with cocoa powder. The chocolatey mousse is the result of the cheese melting together with the cocoa powder inside the mouth.

L’ Artelier Tiramisu

Credit: L’Atelier Tiramisu

This cafe is widely accepted and renowned for having one of the best tiramisu in Singapore because it serves nothing else but tiramisu, hence they would focus all their whatever efforts into perfecting the tiramisu culinary skill. Especially if you are a huge fan of tiramisu, you can come here and munch on tiramisu whole day with 7 different flavours – Classico, Pistachio, Matcha, Lychee, Dark Cherry, Lavender Earl Grey, Brulee – just try 1 flavour per day and in a week, you would have tried them all. The most recommended one is the Classico which is a bitter sweet tiramisu cake that suits almost all tiramisu idols. If you want something better and out of the norm, you can go for the Lychee one that has some cinnamon in it.

iO Italian Osteria

Credit: iO Italian Osteria Singapore

Are you a fan of pistachios? iO Osteria cafe has pistachio flavours that tantalise your taste buds in their tiramisu desserts. It is made with pistachio that is chopped, together with mascarpone and biscuit which is infused with coffee. You can sense the aroma of coffee without an overwhelming taste and smell of alcohol. A wholesome delicacy of an experience of tasting of tiramisu indeed!

Supply & Demand

Credit: Trip Advisor

A perfect joint for handcrafted tiramisu delicacies can be found in this eatery, Supply & Demand. In its handmade realm, there are ingredients like fresh egg yolks, premium French cream, whipped sugar, espresso soaked Savoiardi fingers, Bailey Irish cream, cocoa powder and other fine ingredients. You get to taste the natural and traditional flavours inside this tiramisu. What fancies most tiramisu fans here is the signature S&D Italian Style Tiramisu, which is a hot dessert of choice among the restaurant regular patrons. Rich and creamy, this dessert uses 2 kinds of liqueur and you can taste the espresso soaked savoiradi content inside the dessert.

The 1925 Brewing Co. Restaurant

You may think that this place is mainly for beer, but many do come here for the tiramisu actually. The 1925 Restaurant has tiramisu that may look plain and simple at surface level. Indeed, inside the tiramisu, there is coffee liqueur which gives a very pungent aroma and it comes with a layer of rich mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder, and a homemade sea salt chocolate topping, creating an altogether combination which is beyond many imaginations you have in tiramisu or even in the dessert scene in Singapore!

Have you tried any of the tiramisu establishments listed above? What do you think of their food quality, ambience and customer service? Or do your choices differ from ours? 

Whatever your thoughts are on our list of the best tiramisu Singapore has to offer, let us know what you think and comment below!

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