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8 Best Sandwich Cafes in Singapore Worth Queuing for

Looking for the best sandwich Singapore has to offer to satisfy your craving for ham and cheese inside the stack of bread pieces? Then you’ve gotta check out the list of sandwich cafes and kiosks below.


Credit: Sarnies

This sandwich bar hails from the concept inspired by one from Down Under. With some of the best healthy food in Singapore, it has some heavy stuffed sandwiches with generous amount of ingredients like ham, cheddar, eggs, chicken schnitzel, bacon, capsicum, roasted chicken and tandoori chicken. For the bread, you can choose either sourdough or dark rye bread and go along with some coffee for your breakfast hangouts.

Joe & The Juice

Though this eatery is more about fruity juice and protein shakes drinks, there are also good sandwiches that come from this place. The sandwiches use flatbread that is toasted to perfect crisp with ingredients such as the tunacado laced with avocado, tuna salad, pesto, turkey meat, mozzarella, tomato and some others. It certainly does not make your lunch insufficient with all these fillings in your bread stuff. So together with those drinks, they give you a complete wholesome hearty meal that boost your energy and even your health.


Credit: Korio

Korio is one of the newest sandwich joints in town with sandwiches that can melt your heart easily. There is grilled cheese that is so creamy and rich in cheddar. Imagine your whole wheat sourdough slathered with American cheese and caramelised onions. There is also the honey soy bird on brioche which tantalises fried chicken fans, one of which is the Biggie Croque that has smoked turkey ham, Swiss cheese, cheddar, caramelised onions and bechamel. It is mainly a takeaway kiosk in the version of the American style, commonly found in the streets of New York City.

Park Bench Deli

Another American sandwich joint with its cult favourite sandwich based on the classic American deli concept with huge sizes of sandwiches. The huge sizes are as big as their flavours. Our signature favourite is the Italian Godfather, which has fillings of cold cuts and cheese in between the layers. Another favourite sandwich option is the Pastrami Reuben sandwiching pastrami brisket. If you are a meat lover, you can get meats of many types from the menu, including the pork katsu, spicy fried chicken and roast chicken ingredients. There are also plant-based items like the kale and mushroom melt.

Two Men Bagel House

Credit: Two Men Bagel House

Sandwich has long been a food staple in the USA, whereby people buy them from food stands located in vans and eat as they walk with wrappers often littered at subway tracks in New York City. This eatery is one of the best American food in Singapore. Read more about it.

Pince and Pints

Credit: Pince and Pints

Do you love seafood dearly, particularly lobsters? Are you fan of lobsters? This eatery serves good lobster rolls with good fresh lobsters you can bite through to feel and taste the full flavours. You can go for the classic one that has butter sauce with salad and fries as sides. There is another lobster roll type that satisfies the more adventurous eater with Nonya chilli and some truffle favourites, like the truffle butter sauce.

El Cubanos

Cuban types of sandwiches can be found in this Muslim-owned eatery and this makes it a paradise for sandwich lovers in Singapore. The inside stuffings include the pulled beef brisket, spicy chicken, ribeye cheesesteak, shiitake and shimeji mushrooms. And this is not all! Every order does come with some chips called ‘chubby chips’ to gain maximum pleasure.


Rebel has good sandwiches inspired by the likes of Vietnamese banh mi. You can try the original selection filled with chicken patties and tangy slaw. There is the massive Rebel Boss that also includes the traditional and original together, adding chicken ham, chicken cha lua and pate. Good old fried chicken and fish sandwiches are also part of the bar’s favourites.

Have you tried any of the sandwich bars listed above? What do you think of their food quality, ambience and customer service? Or do your choices differ from ours? 

Whatever your thoughts are on our list of the best sandwich Singapore has to offer, let us know what you think and comment below!

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