Best Pineapple Tarts Singapore

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12 Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore To Melt Your Hearts

Looking for the best pineapple tarts Singapore has to offer to satisfy your craving for the melt in your mouth Chinese New Year Goodies to feast well during Chinese New Year? Then you’ve got to check out the list of pineapple tarts bakeries below.

Bread Garden Pineapple Tart

Credit: Bread Garden

If you’re looking for one of the best pineapple tarts in Singapore this Chinese New Year, you’ve gotta give the ones from Bread Garden a shot. 

A halal certified bakery that adheres to strict ingredient sourcing guidelines and production procedures, Bread Garden is also one of the rare bakeries these days that still insist on local handmade production of all their CNY cookies and pastries.

It’s Premium Pineapple Tart is an all-time favorite and perennial best seller. It is common not to be able to get your hands on a bottle or 2 of these tasty delights because Bread Garden produces only a limited quantity each lunar new year and they get sold out pretty quickly. 

An overfilled blob of rich pineapple pulpy puree that is full of natural sweetness enveloped within a thin, crumbly baked crust, this is a literal example of melt in your mouth goodness. 

Our editor team had a hard time trying to stop popping them in to complete writing this. 

There’s an early bird promotion now on at Bread Garden, where you’ll get the lowest priced item out of every five bought free, effectively a 20% discount off your total purchase value. 

This promotion is available from now till 15 Jan 2021, so if you’re thinking of getting some pineapple tarts and other CNY goodies, don’t miss this offer. 

Visit Bread Garden’s website for its full selection of CNY Goodies for 2021 by clicking here


Credit: Glory Catering

Established in 1979, Glory is well known for authentic pineapple tarts that dominate Katong for CNY goodies. Glory’s love for authenticity has helped the family owners share their most loved recipes to the public with tons of pineapple jam stuck onto the buttery pastry tart base. When you bite into their pineapple tarts, you will feel and taste the wholesome sweetness and buttery flavours inside your mouth.

For more information, check out the site

Pineapple Tarts Singapore

Credit: Pineapple Tarts Singapore

Fresh and unique pineapple tarts come from this well received bakery store with the hot favourites of YOlkLO (Salted Egg), Charcoal Truffle (Double Truffle) and Cheezylicious (Cheese) flavours. With a taste of sweet and sour pineapple jam and the soft and buttery crust, these tarts melt well with a well balanced gooey taste. The salted egg is just too creamy for anyone to get delighted about it.

For more information, check out their site


Credit: Seth Lui

You might have thought of pineapple tarts as sweet and fatty. While it can be irresistibly hard to get rid of the temptation, why not try out Cedele’s pineapple tarts that are healthier with no trans fats? At $22 per tub, the Cedele Handmade Pineapple Tarts can delight you with buttery fragrance that is still worth your spending this festive season!

For more information, check out the site

Ding Bakery


Silky fine surface with a tangy and sweet pineapple taste creates a distinctive homemade quality taste in Ding Bakery’s pineapple tarts. With multiple accolades that thrive year on year, Ding Bakery is certainly the destination to go to for Chinese New Year goodies every year. Their best award winning item is the SCS Butter Pineapple Tart at $18.90.

For more information, check out the site

Mirana Cake House

Credit: Mirana

Those with sweet tooth can rejoice! Mirana Cake House makes luscious and sweet Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts that create a sweet savoury taste. There is also a buttery texture with an aroma that perforates even after the bite, creating an aftertaste linger which will etch into your memory.

For more information, check out their site

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

Credit: Le Cafe

If you wish to have unique types of pineapple tarts, you should try none other than Le Cafe. Their tarts are shaped like golf balls.

Known as Golf Ball Tarts, these tarts are fat and round in appearance. But do not be fooled by their appearance which may look ordinary to you. The buttery taste of the crust balances with the smooth texture of the pineapple jam to give an all rounded flavourful taste inside your mouth.

For more information, check out their site

Old Seng Choong

Credit: Old Seng Choong

With a range of delectable and uniquely flavoured pineapple tarts on its list, Old Seng Choong makes you savour every bit of their paste and crust without stopping at none. Their pineapple tarts come in mouthwatering fanciful and radical flavours of yuzu and figs. These are in addition to the ordinary original flavour.

If you cannot get enough, you can select the assorted version which comes with all 3 flavours inside a nicely packaged box. There is one flavour which is of interest lately. It blows your mind off literally.

The new figs pineapple tarts come with crunchy fruit bits and not too sweet jam – something the hale and hearty should try get some.

For more information, check out their site

Poon Confectionery

Credit: Poon Confectionery

Having awarded the Best Pineapple Tarts 2020 title, this bakery churns out its tarts that are without any preservatives or any added MSG or flavouring. Being as original as they can be, they still taste creamy and delicious.

One other comforting fact is that Poon offers walk-in customers free tasting of their tarts too. Not only are they hand made and home made, Poon has come a long way through its perseverance in perfecting their taste with constant updates to their ingredient list.

For more information, check out their site


Credit: KELE 可楽

Kele, as you might know, is the Mandarin name for Coca Cola. But in the world of festive goodies, it is also renowned in pineapple tarts. They have been preserving the family recipe for 3 decades.

Soft crust with thick pineapple jam atop, the tarts churn out an impeccable mix of sweet and sour flavours. And it is not just their taste that entices. Their appearance gets noticed too – they come in 2 forms – golden balls and open-faced.

For more information, check out their site

Bengawan Solo

Mentioning the name Bengawan Solo would often bring out a more unanimous response of kueh lapis. But Bengawan Solo is also a brand name in pineapple tarts. Though they may taste sour upon the initial bite, the taste later reveals the true savoury treat from a flaky pastry that squares with a buttery texture and even a fruit full of fibres! Altogether, enmeshed within an extraordinary blend comes with full flavours of the pineapple tarts.

For more information, check out their site

Amethyst Pastry & Cakes

Credit: Hungry Go Where

Have you ever tasted cheese flavoured pineapple tarts? Well, Amethyst can do one for you.

And the best part is that they are authentic bite sized pieces with a sweet filling covered by a layer of salty and crispy taste, giving a crispy yet delectable texture.

For more information, check out their site

Have you tried any of the pineapple tarts listed above? What do you think of their food quality, ambience and customer service? Or do your choices differ from ours? 

Whatever your thoughts are on our list of the best pineapple tarts Singapore has to offer, let us know what you think and comment below!

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