Best Korean Fried Chicken Singapore

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11 Best Korean Fried Chicken Eateries in Singapore Worth Queuing for

Looking for the best Korean fried chicken Singapore has to offer to satisfy your craving for the best crispy fried chicken with origins from Korea? Then you’ve gotta check out the list of Korean fried chicken restaurants below.

Chicken Up

Credit: Burpple @ M

This Korean Fried Chicken franchise started its outlet at Tanjong Pagar where it is known for its whole row of Korean food places along that road stretch. Read more about how it is good.

Chir Chir

Credit: Chir Chir Singapore

Offering about 20 varied types of fried and roasted chicken with the use of only fresh chickens, Chir Chir always ensures consistency in its flavours with marinades and sauces imported directly from Seoul, South Korea. You can try out their good chicken dishes, including the Cream Onion Chicken and Mala Chicken.

Oven And Fried Chicken

Credit: Burpple

Their Crunch Chicken and Fried Chicken stand out among the chickens in this restaurant. Read more about it.

Burger Plus

Credit: Burger+

A new Korean food joint in town comes with good milkshakes and of course, fried chickens for you. Burger Plus is the one place you should go to.

The chicken meat is always available in options of Wingettes & Drumettes, Drumsticks or Mix Parts. One of the hot favourites is the Honey Chicken which is doused in sweet honey sauce. Another favourite is the Yangnyeom Fried Chicken, which has a sticky sauce that is reminiscent of the one in Seoul.

Hongdae Oppa

Credit: Hongdae Oppa

There is such thing as a sub category within Korean food called Urban K-food. Of course the fried chicken is one such food type from the category.

One good meat is the Chix which has various prices for various sizes – $10.90 for 4 pieces, $19.90 for 8 pieces, $36.90 for whole chicken of 16 pieces. It features totally fresh chicken with each part marinated for 12 hours to flavourful perfection. But already ordering the $10.90 portion is a good enough size that is sufficient for 2 people to share. Do not miss out the Original too as it is seasoned using the original recipe and deep fried to good crunchy texture.

Jinjja Chicken

Credit: Jinjja Chicken

Jinjja means ‘really’ in Korean and what this probably means is that this Korean fried chicken is colloquially really good! The ingredients used come from an anonymous famous fried chicken shop in Korea. Some of the seasoning are adapated to suit the flavours of local tastes.

What intrigue eaters here are not just the wings or drumlets served in half or whole lot, the sauces are also the attractive parts of the restaurant. They come in various forms – Yangnyeom (spicy and sweet). Soy Garlic and Monster (numbing chilli). The crisp of the exterior coupled with the sweetness of the interior balances the flavour inside your mouth.

Twigs Korean Restaurant

Twigs is located along the golden Korean food road which is none other than Tanjong Pagar. You can find 2 good looking Korean chefs there and that is quite rare!

The Soy and Garlic Chicken Wings are juicy wings made for small bites. They are well marinated in the interior with sweet honey sauce. The exterior is quite crispy too.

Another hot favourite from this Korean fried chicken eatery is the Spicy Dakgangjung, which consists of boneless fried chicken and fried rice cake called tokkbokki. Both are engulfed in sweet and spicy chilli sauce and this is a must-have!

Kko Kko Nara

Kko Kko Nara is unlike any other Korean restaurants where the focus is on fried chickens. This restaurant serves the usual Korean fare actually. But I must say that the fried chicken here is still its specialty.

The Combo Chicken Set is a selection of variety with 9 pieces with 3 different flavours – original, sweet and special garlic soy sauce chicken. The garlic chicken is marinated evenly and tastes well on the outside. But I should say the inside is not so good.

Mom’s Touch

This is a popular Korean fried chicken brand and it has just opened at Paya Lebar Quarter. The name is so called because it represents the mother’s dedicated preparation of meal for the family. The chicken is done traditionally with hand battered and breaded and marinated with a mother’s typical seasoning blend for juicy and tender taste. The chicken meat come in various forms – Original or Spicy, Chicken Tenderloin or Mom’s Spicy Sauce Chicken.

4 Fingers

Fresh local chicken with natural herbs and spice and no artificial flavouring dictate the restaurant outlets here in Singapore. 4 Fingers is especially popular among the youth here. There are flavours of soy garlic, spicy or mixed for the Crispy Chicken Wings and Drumettes. It would be good for you to lick the sauces off the skin while you eat and bite them.

Nene Chicken

Nene Chicken is a Korean fried chicken eatery that caters to both individual and group diners. There are 2 piece Chicken Meals for individual diners and Whole Chicken and Tender meals for group diners. And the best part of the eating habit is the sauce variety itself. Swicy (sweet and spicy), Soy, Honey Mustard, Cheese, Green Onion, Freaking Hot and Garlic sauces are all available options for you to dip your meat into.

Hoho Chimek

Do you want a different style of Korean fried chicken? Hoho Chimek serves such chicken at smaller sizes. They come in individual 6 pieces with fries set at $9.90. They are suitable for the younger children to munch on them. With brown soy and garlic sauce, the little drumlets taste salty. But when you first look at them, they may seem dry. You just have to trust in them and bite to get good sensation. Sensational Korean taste of fried chicken.

Have you tried any of the Korean fried chicken eating establishments listed above? What do you think of their food quality, ambience and customer service? Or do your choices differ from ours? 

Whatever your thoughts are on our list of the best Korean fried chicken Singapore has to offer, let us know what you think and comment below!

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