Best Halal Steak Singapore

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7 Best Halal Steak Eateries in Singapore Worth Queuing for

Looking for the best halal steak Singapore has to offer to satisfy your craving for good claypot rice? Then you’ve gotta check out the list of halal steak restaurants and cafes below.

Image credit: Royz Et Vous

A unique dining experience is here at this halal steak restaurant with one of the popular meat dishes called the New Zealand beef short ribs featuring its meat marinated with a variety of spices, including smoked paprika. Another tasty delight is the Brazen Striploin with juicy tender meat served with garlic mashed potatoes, mesclun salad and a choice of either salsa verde or beef truffle. Normally, the meats are slow braised for 9 hours and your taste buds will definitely be in for good treat.

Address: 137 Telok Ayer St, #01-01, Singapore
Listing Category:
Phone: +65 6293 0270
Image credit: J’s Wok & Grill

J’s Wok & Grill brings you an overall good experience with great ambience, service quality and food variety. The Navajo Filet Mignon costs $22.90. It consists of 2 slabs of flavorful tenderloin that can leave you craving for it again in your next trip.

But another interesting element about this restaurant is that it really serves halal steak. It is more than just a halal certified restaurant as part of the profits are donated to Jamiyah, a Muslim-based philanthropic organisation which provides welfare services to the less fortunate regardless of religion or race.

Image credit: T Bob’s Corner

Do you fancy the Old West setting for a restaurant? And yet get halal western food, especially steak? This restaurant can give you all you want for steak with halal certification and yet, it can get you to enjoy the ancient wild wild west of USA. The BBQ Lamb Ribs, the Angus Tomahawk and the Ribeye are this eatery’s specialties which you should not miss out. Succulent ribs laced with BBQ sauce and served with mash potato cream that is soft and buttery will await you when you order the BBQ Lamb Ribs. The Ribeye is one such hell of a beefy dish with a marbled beef steak served with grilled green vegetables and mashed potatoes in front of you.

Address: 89 Victoria St, #01-01, Singapore
Listing Category:
Phone: +65 6449 8527
Image credit: Badoque Cafe

Do you love gigantic steak meat pieces? Well, Badoque can give you that. Its Beef Ribs dish has a huge size of ribs to feed a couple. It costs $24. There are offers for having this steak dish from Tuesdays to Fridays from 11am to 2pm as your main course comes with free salad, soup and even dessert – so this is an affordable quality serving of lunch meal!

Address: 298 Bedok Rd, Singapore
Listing Category:
Phone: +65 6446 6928
Image credit: The Royals Steakhouse

The Royals Steakhouse exhibits a certain kind of luxury with a posh setting and a signature Australian Striploin, which costs $22 for a juicy tender steak piece that melts very well inside your mouth. The steak meat are usually fresh prime cuts flown in from Australia and New Zealand and they are laced with salt and pepper only. So you savour them at their simplest natural form without any sauce on it! Other good selections you can try are the prime New Zealand tenderloins and lamb chops.

Address: 10 Jln Pisang, Singapore
Listing Category:
Phone: +65 6291 3326
Image credit: Andes by Astons

Muslim eaters will not be disheartened by this steak at all! This is a well known brand in Singapore and also one of the finest halal food around in the nation.

Address: 5 Changi Village Rd, #01-2001, Singapore
Listing Category:
Phone: +65 6542 0302
Image credit: Eighteen Chefs

It does not hurt to be eating delicious halal steak from this restaurant because of the famous 200 grams of New York strips featured in the restaurant’s signature Heart Attack Fried Rice. The famous beef & beef dish features an NZ chilled cut that has grilled peri peri prawns and some mixed salad in its serving. Oh yes, this restaurant has some outlets across the island and every dollar you spend helps the staff here as many are not from fortunate backgrounds like us. You are providing corporate social responsibilities many steps further when you dine here.

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