Best Fried Chicken Singapore

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30 Best Fried Chicken Eating Outlets in Singapore

Looking for the best fried chicken Singapore has to offer to satisfy your craving for your favourite fried chicken wings? Then you’ve gotta check out the list of fried chicken eating places below.

Oven And Fried Chicken

Credit: Burpple

Do you love KFC very much? KFC, as you know it, is a popular abbreviation for Kentucky Fried Chicken. But how about KFC as Korean Fried Chicken, which you can find your savoury delights in Oven And Fried Chicken bistro. Their unique selling point lies in the preparation methods of the fried chicken pieces.

2 main chicken types stand out. They are the Crunch Chicken and Fried Chicken. The former is oven baked and wheat flour coated while the other is more rice flour coated. With such preparation methods, you are able to salivate on extra crispy fried exterior with interior delicate meat.

Ah Tan Wings

Fancy crispy chicken wings on rice with egg, instead of nasi lemak? Ah Tan Wings can provide you so. I bet you love their fried crispy wings very much.

This eatery serves one of the best food in Yishun. Read more about it here.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Credit: Yardbird Southern Table & Bar (Singapore)

Would you like to eat tender chicken from Yardbird for its brining done 27 hours continuously and fried with secret spice blends? This classic Southern USA restaurant serves its signature fried chicken which infuses with the local cultural cuisine of Singapore.

You can get their Chicken N Watermelon N Waffles dish, which consists of unique mixture of chilled spiced watermelon with the brined and fried chicken and waffle. This combination certainly mixes saltiness and sweetness together with juicy and well seasoned chicken and maple syrup laced fluffy waffles.

Other dishes from its finest selections include the Macaroni & Cheese, Low Country Laksa and the Shrimp n’ Grits. Located at Marina Bay Sands, it would be a good treat for the tourists who might have visited the casino or other interesting nearby spots.

Da Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice


Da Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice stall sells good cripsy fried chicken wings along with its tasty garlic laced rice. The plate is a gem in the heartland, especially in heavily residential populated Toa Payoh. Read more about it.

No. 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar

Credit: 5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar

This place may seem like a cocktail bar for drinkers or people who want to chill, but what often is overlooked is the delicious serving of its signature wings, marinated in Chinese wine and shrimp paste. In fact, their chicken wings are one of the best in townside!

The chicken wings are extremely crispy, but they are not too oily or too dry. A jug of cold icy beer is suffice to wash down your eaten wings. In all, they are a perfect social finger food for gatherings.

Goldhill Family Restaurant

Credit: Burpple

Goldhill is another Chinese eatery that offers delicious fried chicken. And this stall offers it with a chap chye png or vegetable rice dish.

The best part of it all – the plate costs cheap at $2 only. With a plate of rice, 2 vegetables and 1 chicken wing, is that very affordable even in pricey Singapore? Chicken wings here costs $1 a piece and they are fried in batches of small ones. Each diner can be assured to get a hot crispy wing out of this dish.

Chicken Up

Credit: Burpple @ M

Another Korean Fried Chicken in the list at the heart of Tanjong Pagar whereby glorious Korean food chain of outlets lie along the shophouse street. What can you expect about the authenticity of this Korean fast food chain that sells great crispy fried chicken? Chicken up is the sensation for it. Read more about this place.

Eng Kee

Credit: Eng Kee Chicken Wings

If you do not mind another chicken wing plate on a budget, look towards the western part at Commonwealth. Located at Commonwealth Drive, Eng Kee hawker stall offers good economic bee hoon along with its mouth watering chicken wings. They are fried to excellence with cripsy exterior and juicy interior meat with a thin layer of greasy fat. When you bite it, you experience the full flavorful juice that will further make you lick your fingers and lips to savour the tasty oil.

Over Easy

Credit: OverEasy

An all American style dining spot at Fullerton gives you its good fried chicken in its Fried Chicken Sandwich. Though not the sole food here, Over Easy bar does pride itself for its fried chicken as the crispy buttermilk fried chicken thigh, made inside a sandwich, gives eaters great comfort during brunch. The sandwich also consists of Japanese cucumber slices, coleslaw and chipotle mayo.

Tony Cafe

Credit: Burpple

Located near City Hall MRT Station, and opposite Funan the IT Mall, is Adelphi Shopping Centre. Here at level 2 lies Tony Cafe that sells chap chye png or vegetable rice.

Fried chicken wings are very welcomed here in this cafe. The recipe of the chicken wing is adapted from the corona chicken recipe, which details the beautiful golden brown outer layer of the well cooked chicken. The well seasoned chicken boast of tender and juicy flesh as well.

Monga Fried Chicken

Credit: Monga Fried Chicken Singapore 艋舺ㄟ雞排

Fried chicken is a popular snack in Taiwan also. People love to eat it as they walk. Monga uses 2-cm thick chicken fillet meat pieces that are marinated with honey and also dipped in batter, with the result of crispness and crunchiness of the bite. 

There are 3 flavours which you can choose from – chilli paprika, seaweed and the most popular salt and pepper. Do head down and try Monga Fried Chicken now with various outlets set up around Singapore.

Ponggol Nasi Lemak

Credit: Trip Advisor

What better nasi lemak dishes are there than this brand, Ponggol Nasi Lemak, with your favourite fried crispy chicken wings that satiate your taste buds with juice and crisp very fervently. Read more about it.

Chix Hot Chicken

Credit: Chix Hot Chicken

Do you want some spicy hot Southern chicken from Nashville, home of the country and western music genre? You can get your hands on the famous fried chicken, with sprinkles of the spiciest peppers of the world. If you really cannot take the heat, you can cool your heated tongue with the creamy milkshakes that are available in local flavours like Milo and gula melaka.

Hi Leskmi Nasi Lemak

Credit: SG Open Rice

Hi Leskmi is another Chinese style Nasi Lemak, like the Ponggol Nasi Lemak. Their chicken wings may taste dry but their meat is well-seasoned and have crispy skin. You can eat them along with the home made sambal that complements with its sweetness and spiciness.


Credit: Earlybird

Cafe hoppers often patronise this fried chicken cafe which is located at the spot where Artistry used to be. If you go ga-ga over the chicken and waffles set mania, you can get almost what you want here – chicken and pancakes. For an extra kick to your dining pleasure, there is even the chilli maple syrup to add to your dish. There are many chicken and egg dishes you can select from in this cafe.

Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Credit: Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Are you sick and tired of Kentucky Fried Chicken? Well, you can try Arnold’s, which is the latest fried chicken in the market with good crispy skin and nice spices. Read more about it as one of the best fast food in Singapore.

The Beast Southern Kitchen + Bourbon Bar

Credit: The Beast

Chicken and waffles, as you know it, is a very standard American dish in the Southern states. This dish recently has become even more popular here in Singapore. The house signature of juicy fried chicken is the hot favourite and you can get it with thick waffles drizzled with bourbon maple syrup. For a great unique Southern experience of authenticity, get a sweet tea cocktail or a glass of bourbon together with food. Indeed, one of the best American food in Singapore!


Credit: Wingstop

With a Texan tradition at your doorstep, this fried chicken joint churns out a plethora of delicious flavours you can choose from – atomic buffalo wings and garlic parmesan are some of the hottest options you must get!

Victor Famous Fried Chicken Wing Rice

Credit: Victor’s Famous Chicken Wing Rice

You must try its delicious signature Chicken Wing Rice at $3. It comes with 2 piping hot wings, with each wing cut into 3 parts so that they can be made easier to eat. They have that golden crisp and are not full of grease. The chilli dip is spicy enough to numb our lips as they add more kick to the overall taste.

Mom’s Touch

Credit: Mom’s Touch

Yeah, the typical Korean fried chicken is also found here in Mom’s Touch. Hand-battered and hand-breaded fried chicken wings rule this eatery. They are prepared using hand made traditional methods. Crispy, juicy and yet not so greasy they are. It is really worth the Korean craze at the recently built Paya Lebar Quarter mall.

4Fingers Chicken

Credit: 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Another Korean fried chicken brand found in the heartlands of the sunny nation. Aside from being juicy, fried and delicious, the 4Fingers chicken wings are laced with special sauce types. Read more about it as a good fast food restaurant.

Yon Yan

Credit: YON YAN 焱

Yon Yan is hailed as the “Prime Minister Fried Chicken” as Singapore’s Prime Minister once visited the store by going through a half hour queue for their fried chicken wings at the previous location of Redhill. Economic bee hoon is the main dish of the stall. People love to eat it together with its fried chicken wings, even after breakfast. It is a good local dish for breakfast with nice crispy exterior and juicy interior of the wings.

Kko Kko Na Ra


Great combo chicken set for you to bite and chew into 9 pieces of chicken meat in 4 different flavours – original, hot, sweet and spicy and soy garlic. You can check more about it.


Credit: SALT.oldairport

Salt’s version of fried chicken is in the form of chicken cutlet. If you are alright with lighter meal, Salt is the place for you with a lean menu. The sous vide grilled chicken is the alternative to the fried chicken cutlet and you can get them with either fried rice or pasta. With a pretty looking golden brown skin that is full of crisp, and a tender juicy chicken thigh, the chicken cutlet is the signature favourite of the eatery.

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Credits: Chir Chir Singapore

The Nest Snow is the main star dish of this Korean fried chicken restaurant joint with chicken tenders served in creamy and rich sauce. Chir Chir is also nominated to be one of the best Korean food in Singapore.

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood

Credit: Ban Leong Wah Hoe Sea-food Restaurant

With a huge crowd at this seafood restaurant every evening, Ban Leong Wah Hoe seafood is popular, even with its remote location at Casuarina Road. People crave for their har cheong gai or prawn paste chicken wings, which are extremely mouthwatering with crispy exterior and juicy interior.

Holland Village XO Fish Head

Known mainly for its XO Fish Head and San Lao Hor Fun, this stall at Dover Coffee Hub also serves crispy har cheong gai. The prawn paste chicken wings contain crunchy crispy skin with tender and succulent meat underneath the outer. You will certainly enjoy and will not be able to get enough of them.

Mizzy Nasi Lemak

Credit: Burpple @ Cecil Dulam

What more can you expect from this authentic nasi lemak dish with crunchy crispy wing skin? Mizzy is one of the best hawker centre stalls in the east.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak

Credit: Hungry Go Where

Alongside Adam Road No. 1 lies competitor Selera Rasa, tantalising nasi lemak lovers with its fragrant chicken wings. There is an aroma of ginger and turmeric with thin batter. Though crispy as you would love them, the wings are not too oily.

Sin Ho

Credit: Burpple

Another har cheong gai wings at the Bedok North Hawker Centre, which is near the integrated Hub. They are always sold out by 8pm. Marinated in fragrant prawn paste, these wings bring mouthwatering goodness to the East Coast Plan treat certainly!

Have you tried any of the fried chicken wings places listed above? What do you think of their food quality, ambience and customer service? Or do your choices differ from ours? 

Whatever your thoughts are on our list of the best fried chicken wings has to offer, let us know what you think and comment below!

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