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10 Best Food in Town Worth Queuing for

Looking for the best food town has to offer to satisfy your craving for some food available in Orchard, Marina Bay, City Hall or Raffles Place areas? Then you’ve gotta check out the list of town eateries below.

Ayam Penyet Ria

Credit: Hungry Go Where @ LSMING80

This restaurant is one of the best Indonesian eatery found in Orchard Road, in town. Read more about why this ticks here.

Som Tam

Credit: Som Tam

This modernized Thai cuisine is served in this Orchard Road restaurant. The food is not only Thai. It incorporates some Southeast Asian flavours. Read more about the eatery here.

Standing Sushi Bar

Credit: Standing Sushi Bar

Good quality Japanese cuisine can be found in this restaurant, located at One Raffles Place, Marina Bay Link Mall and Queen Street. The menu has a good variety of options ranging from sushi to agemono to grilled items.

The highlight of the restaurant is the Sashimi Platter. It contains 12 slices and 6 kinds of sashimi on the table. Another great dish is the Sushi Take, which is a set that comes with 7 kinds of nigiri, 2 pieces of maki, miso soup and a salad.

There are other great food options – Garlic Fried Rice, Beef & Enoki mushroom skewer and some robatayaki.

Huat Huat

Credit: SG Open Rice @ Waiwai

Do you want some great local food to feast as a social group? If so, you can visit this eatery at Orchard’s Wisma Atria. Read more about why this is one of the best food court stalls in Orchard.

The Dark Gallery

Credit: The Dark Gallery

Have you ever been to the newly refurbished Funan Mall? If yes, you should definitely head on to this desserts cafe if you have great sweet teeth.

The Dark Gallery has a chocolate theme in its menu. Chocolate can be found everywhere, you name it – ice cream, macarons, single piece cakes, cookies etc. But what is most unique that you must see and try for yourself is the Frozen S’more, which is torched huge bread, torched upon order with a small blue flame.

If you want a slightly heavier dish, you can take the Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter and the Single Origin Chocolate Pastries Platter. They are certainly enough to give you a full gratifying experience of desserts after your day’s meal.

The signature drink called the Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte is a very interesting one with frozen chocolate cubes, 2 shots of hazelnut espresso and steamed milk. It has a very strong espresso and milk aroma in the concoction.

Hans Im Gluck

Credit: HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill – Singapore

Nice German eatery with a great range of burgers here. Read more about how this restaurant ticks as a great German food place.

The Providore

Credit: The Ranting Panda

The Providore Cafe is the cafe at the very heart of Orchard Road. What is great here is their breakfast sets. Most popular one is the English Breakfast.

Why the English Breakfast ticks is because of its huge variety of simple chewable and muchable food stuff, such as the Poached Eggs, the grilled Bacon and the Sourdough Toast.

If you want a greater kick to your meal with a drink, you should try the Mochacino. It comes with cute sugar cubes which you can use to adjust the sweetness of the hot drink. This fine piece of artisan made drink has a nice design on the surface too.


Credit: Burpple @ Ariane Le

Good fish and chips are served in this Orchard eatery. Read more about why this ticks in Orchard food court.

Watanabe Coffee


This cafe is a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine. Read more about the review of this cafe.

Little Bowl

Credit: Seth Lui

Would you want dishes of restaurant quality pasta and salmon under $8? Another Japanese-Italian cuisine can be found in this tiny corner of the basement of Clifford Centre food court.

The Spicy Prawn Noodles and the Value Meal Shio Noodles are great dishes that cost less than $8. In particular, the star dish is the Value Meal Shio Noodles which is made of springy pasta and served with kombu made sauce, topped with marinated crab meat and shiitake mushroom.

But if you want something more affordable and a typical heartlander cost kind of food, go for the Crispy Chicken Rice Bowl at $4.90. With this price, it even comes with a huge portion of chicken cutlet meat, onsen egg, pickled radish and wakame.

Have you tried any of the town food establishments listed above? What do you think of their food quality, ambience and customer service? Or do your choices differ from ours? 

Whatever your thoughts are on our list of the best food town has to offer, let us know what you think and comment below!

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